Who we are:

America’s Future Workforce (AFW) is a 501(c)(3) human resources consulting firm; AFW provides planning, development and delivery of employment related services to stakeholders.

What we do:

So really, what do we do? AFW matches money to dreams by fulfilling five overarching goals: 1) advocate for compensation of individuals placed in unpaid internships; 2) recruit, screen and place persons into internships; 3) provide stipends to supplement living and transportation costs; 4) implement an intern management system; and 5) provide vocational training.

How we do it:

How do we do carry out our mission? Since AFW is a free-for-service* 501(c)(3) human resources consulting firm, we are supported by the generous donations from individuals, trusts, foundations, small businesses and large corporations who believe in equality, equal opportunity, and a stronger economy.

*As opposed to a fee-for-service business model.