photodune-1118912-businessman-hand-holds-social-network-mTrying to find a job in today’s economy can be challenging since many companies have trimmed their budgets. But unlike the recessions of last century, there are now many online employment websites to help job seekers market their skills. At first glance, resources such as,, and various other companies can help organize and accelerate the job search.

Before you send out your newly minted resume to every single job posting on the Internet there should be caution thrown into the wind. Those same sites that claim to help you might have agendas that are incongruent to your own – you’re not paying them to find a job, the companies are paying to use the service. This conflict of interest can boost your counter-productivity by adding another distraction to your full-time job, finding a job.

You will be a step ahead of the competition by planning your employment search before you set out to find a job listed on an online employment website. With a well-crafted plan, you can start by avoiding foreseeable mistakes like applying to job descriptions that are externally posted but written for an internal hire. You’ll be off to a great start by answering the question: “Do I want distractions siphoning my productivity from meaningful pursuits?”

Job Research

It’s very important for job seekers to customize their resumes for specific jobs. An effective strategy is to develop several versions of a resume and include the job title being sought as part of the objective. One particular occupation might have multiple titles that vary from company to company. Whenever applying for a job, a candidate should research the job description to make sure that it matches their background and that there’s no confusion about the duties.

Some job titles can be vague because they represent several positions that at one time might have been filled by several people. Due to a struggling economy, however, many companies have downsized and given their employees more responsibilities. Sometimes glamorous titles are given to jobs that are low in demand as a way of attracting skilled workers. A “manager” or an “agent,” for example, can mean many different things, which is why it’s important to research the position before applying.

News Sources is generally regarded as a news and blog website, but it also has a jobs section that lists thousands of employment opportunities. It allows users to search jobs by keywords and location, so that job seekers can search for jobs in desired locations.

The Mashable Job Board allows people to post their resumes. By starting an account, users can manage their resumes and cover letters. In addition, the site has an alphabetized employee directory that lists many well known companies. The site provides other tools that make the job search easier, such as alerts when new listings match search criteria and the ability to save job listings for later viewing.

Casting A Wide Net is a more general job search website for various industries. Although it is a much more popular site than, it opens the door to increased competition for any given job listing. Like many other employment sites such as and, allows employers to post jobs and job seekers to post resumes. One of its unique features is its search box for “what” and “where.” The “what” search box allows the user to enter job title, skill or employer name. Under “where” the user can type in the city, state or zip code. provides results for jobs that match search criteria within 250 miles.

Casting A Smaller Net

Certain job sites focus on specific careers., for example, calls itself “the career hub for tech” and provides a wide variety of information for technology and engineering professionals. The site serves professionals, companies and recruiters. One of the site’s most helpful tools is its U.S. Tech Salaries Map, which indicates where the best paying jobs are in the tech industry. The Dice Report and the Dice Salary Survey help professionals analyze the tech market. The site offers plenty of advice and allows employers to post jobs.

Taking A Different Route

Despite the difficulty many people, especially new college graduates, are having in finding the right career path, these online resources don’t always increase a person’s odds in landing the job they want. These sites can be easy to use and can help save a lot of time, but are you spending your time wisely? Instead of applying to tens if not hundreds of jobs online, the right resource might be right in front of you! America’s Future Workforce will put you in a position where you can build your resume and where you can show off your skill-set.

The job search can be more productive using the right online resource, a resource that fits your needs, takes into consideration your skill-set and compensates you for on-the-job training.

Ultimately, it is your decision. Do you want to sit around and apply to jobs all day or do you want to be compensated for your effort, time and creativity?