The “Go Local” movement swept America by storm in 2011. People intentionally bought produce grown by local farmers. People deliberately skipped the long lines at large retail stores and bought items from small, local businesses. Consumers educated themselves to better understand the products they bought and the services they used in an effort to make a small contribution to the local economy. On the other side of the register, business owners understood the movement’s impetus and were able stock shelves with main street products. This movement emboldened contentious consumers and redefined what, and still is, a practice that boosts local economies and creates a double bottom line.

The American consumer and business owner embraced this concept and it proved to be successful. Why not take it a step further? Why not “Go Local” when hiring entry-level workers?

Leveraging local talent to fill employment needs will help organizations quickly scale and introduce products and services to local economies. Also, there’s a silver lining for those companies who strive to hire young, local talent. With over 50,000 out-of-school, out-of-work youth in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region there is a talent pool that can be tapped into. These youth can be trained, mentored, and take on responsibilities in a workplace. By building a community workforce comprised of these youth, companies can improve diversity, create a dynamic company culture, and play an integral role in shaping a stronger, more inclusive community.

This Tuesday, America’s Future Workforce became a founding signatory of President Obama’s First Job and Recruiting and Hiring Compact. In doing so, we are committed to placing 100 Opportunity Youth in the next 2 years, and expect to double our impact every 2 years after. This is a bold step to bridge the Opportunity Divide in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region, but it is one of many steps we must take to go in the right direction.

We are uniquely positioned to carry out this goal. With the wealth of experience on our side – a tried and true recruiting methodology, the human capital management consulting experience to equip our partners with the right methods to host entry-level workers, and the necessary wrap around support services for our cohort participants manage the transition into the work place. America’s Future Workforce can be an indispensable resource for your talent pipeline needs and can immediately create value.

Our business community understands the market demands and the positive gains that can be made by partnering with our organization. By empowering local youth and training them with the necessary skills, placing them into a job, and encouraging them to reach their potential, our actions will allow all of us to make our community stronger.

As we close this calendar year and continue to a new one, the staff at America’s Future Workforce hopes that you hire smart and hire local.

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