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Post by Nate Mauer, Chairman and CEO of America’s Future Workforce

Students struggle to find gainful employment because the education-to-employment pathway is littered with obstacles. Financial barriers limit educational attainment. Technological barriers limit career readiness. Experiential barriers limit occupations accessible to talented newcomers.

Relying upon an antiquated workforce preparedness system holds back American youths and hinders their long-term success. Instead, leveraging creative and inventive ways to train and incentivize youths benefits all involved – employers, education providers, and the next generation of workers.

According to our survey data, it takes an America’s Future Workforce Fellow half the time to land a job, compared to an average worker. Each fellow forges seven new professional contacts to rely on for new job opportunities and mentorship. To date, each fellow has completed his or her time in school and many have gone on to complete advanced post-secondary study. It is clear that our program is successful.

Yet our success is on a small scale. It does not adequately address the need. There are over 6.7 million opportunity youth in America and 30,000 opportunity youth in the Washington, DC area. These youths can use our program to achieve success.

Take a few seconds to help America’s Future Workforce! Vote for AFW in the Click for a Cause competition. If we win, we will use the $12,000 to help lead some of the opportunity youth on a pathway to a more prosperous future.

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