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A group of thoughtful people can change the world by building a program to legally and ethically scale businesses.

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The Fellows and Interns are legally bound to a contract and have agreed to be awarded a stipend every two weeks.

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Our partners have access to an applicant pool of candidates screened to fit the demands of the position.

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We respect your intellectual property and human capital development needs by formally acknowledging your rights.

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The Fellow Selection Process

Step 1 – Consultation

Before a fellowship commences, we will contact the Partner to
determine the scope, duties, and requirements of the Fellow entering the fellowship.

Step 2 – Job Description

The selection shall use the information provided by Partner pursuant to the previous step to (a)
define the scope of the fellowship, (b) objectively define the selection criteria for selecting candidates for
the fellowship, and (c) draft a job description of the fellowship for candidates. Partner shall review the description
and either (a) confirm that the job description adequately reflects Partner’s understanding of the fellowship position,
or (b) work with Workforce to modify the job description so that it reflects Partner’s understanding of the fellowship position.

Step 3 – Candidate Search

Workforce shall then review the credentials and stated career goals of Fellow candidates
on file, and shall use the objective selection criteria described in step 2 (b) to select a
pool of qualified candidates. If Workforce determines that there is an inadequate
number of qualified candidates, Workforce may advertise the fellowship opportunity
through its website and other similar professional quality media.

Step 4 – Vet Candidates

After selecting the pool of qualified candidates,
Workforce shall interview all Fellow candidates in the pool.

Step 5 – Candidate Selection

After the Workforce has selected the most qualified candidate, Workforce shall
provide the name and qualifications of the selected candidate to Partner. Partner shall review the qualifications
of the selected candidate to determine whether or not to accept the candidate.