Spring FellowThrough his AFW fellowship, Ben Keller is gaining experience confronting some of the same challenges he’ll be facing when he enters his desired professional field.

An aspiring network security maven, Keller currently works for sustainability lifestyle company Going Green Today, where he’s involved with expanding the company’s website and “taking it to new places.”

“On a daily basis I do bug testing and discuss new directions to take the website,” he said. “I do a lot of coding on the website’s CCS.”

It’s visionary web work at a visionary organization, and Keller is playing an integral role in extending the company’s reach and impact. He says the experience has been invaluable as far as making contacts in his field and gaining a better understanding of himself professionally.

“AFW has helped me to advance my career by allowing me to get experience in the field and helping me to identify my strengths and weaknesses,” Keller said.

Keller’s ideal career path would involve entering the increasingly competitive and complex field of network security. “In five years I hope to be working as someone who helps to find security flaws in networks and be able to help fix those flaws.”

Keller says his AFW fellowship has lived up to his expectations, allowing him the opportunity to identify relevant problems in a professional setting, and solve them.

“I expected the work to be challenging and engaging and it has been,” he said. “Everyday I meet new challenges and need to work my absolute hardest to be able to meet and overcome those challenges.”