IMG_2156Steeped in the values of social work, AFW fellow Greg Rockwell knows well enough that bringing about lasting social change can be rewarding. But having that background, he also knows that achieving a satisfactory final result often requires months of very focused and grueling work.

It’s this approach that makes his AFW fellowship at Going Green Today the good match that it is. A sustainability lifestyle company, Going Green Today is partnering with the city of Washington, D.C. to encourage residents to participate in a 90-day challenge to reduce their carbon footprint and save $2,000 in the process.

As business liaison, Rockwell says his days at GGT are varied.

“My responsibility is to find and secure green businesses to sponsor daily actions throughout the challenge,” he explained. “Day to day, that encompasses research, outreach to businesses, event networking, development of outreach materials, and negotiating sponsorship contracts.”

Rockwell, who hopes to remain in the environmental development field, ideally with a nonprofit, says the day-to-day experience has been invaluable as far as advancing his prospects in the field.

“The skills I’m learning now, like how to research and approach businesses, promote my organization, develop sales materials and negotiate with sponsors is exactly the kind of work I would do for any nonprofit,” he said. “In another organization, it might have been years before I was exposed to all the different aspects of development. Thanks to the AFW fellowship, this has been an advanced speed course in sales and securing sponsors.”

Rockwell added that it’s “extremely important” that nonprofits be able to maintain healthy funding levels to help them realize their missions.

“Nothing is more critical to me right now than supporting environmental advocacy,” he said.

As far as enabling him to work in the name of a cause he’s passionate about, Rockwell said the AFW fellowship has exceeded all expectations.

“The experience is much more than I expected. I have worked with local business owners, leadership in the D.C. government, and all kinds of people in the D.C. green scene,” he said. “It has been exciting to be a part of such a large movement, and to be able to meet so many passionate people.”

He added, “I’m incredibly thankful for this experience, and all it has exposed me to.”