This summer, America’s Future Workforce is accepting the first cohort, of approximately 10-15 participants, into Web Development Track of the Pathways program. The program will reconnect disconnected young people to meaningful careers with upward mobility in the technology sector. To achieve this, the Pathways program is divided into four core elements that include: 1) an intensive skills-based bootcamp training program, 2) an internship experience, 3) professional development and career workshops, and 4) wraparound support services.

Pathways begins with a 14-week bootcamp that provides the program fellows with core programming and web development skills – including HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Advanced PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, producing and consuming web APIs, Bootstrap 4, and WordPress – necessary to securing entry-level employment in the field. Upon successful completing of the training, the fellows transition into an 8-week internship where they have the opportunity to further develop and hone their skills while learning from an on-site mentor. Throughout the course of their internship, fellows also attend weekly professional development and career workshops where they have the opportunity to acquire additional professional skills, troubleshoot any problems they have encountered, and develop a post-program plan. Lastly, fellows are supported from the beginning to the end of the program with personalized wraparound services provided by their Fellow Manager, who in addition to workforce development support, can provide case management as needed. These specialized wraparound services help to ensure that participants are retained throughout the program, while actively addressing and overcoming their personal barriers to employment. Within 6-weeks of successful completion of the program, we anticipate fellows will connect to full-time, entry-level employment in a position with upward mobility in which they are earning at least $35,000.

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