Washington (Metropolitan) Employer Regional Consortium

For various reasons, (including the retirement of Baby Boomers among others) the United States is on the verge of a talent shortage that could negatively impact both the regional and national economies to the tune of trillions of dollars. While businesses are generally able to shed an employee without much impact, in the coming decades statistics suggest that it may be harder and harder for employers to replace someone and fill an open position. Thus, while, part of the problem can be solved by increasing the overall skill of the labor market, businesses can also help prepare for this talent shortage by reinventing their workplace culture and engaging the younger generations they will ultimately be looking to attract as senior-level employees.

WERC is the first local workforce consortium that brings together the region’s Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and employers. Although the US Chamber of Commerce does this to a certain extent, they are generally a lobbying organization as opposed to an advocacy organization. With this opportunity America’s Future Workforce is working to expand this consortium aimed at connecting the workforce organizations of the region. Overall services are aimed at bridging the gap between education programs and employer demands, providing businesses with insights into reshaping their environments to attract young talent, connecting businesses with those young workers, and creating a talent pipeline that will help businesses invest, nurture, and retain talent.

WERC Partners

The participating organizations will be posted to the website soon.