The Global Market

Globalization lowers barriers to innovation, commerce, human capital management and sourcing. As businesses and the economy practice on an increasingly global scale, it is essential to recognize the qualifications and talents of individuals all over the world. Many of these highly skilled workers struggle to connect with the international employers that would most benefit from and utilize their talents. In fact, many employers recognize this flaw in talent acquisition systems. According to a recent study published by KPMG, Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World, 3 out of 4 executives say their workforce is becoming increasingly global, but just 1 in 4 believe their HR teams excel at sourcing and retaining international talent.

The Role of America’s Future Workforce

The Worldwide Workers Program focuses on assisting skilled international workers who have come to the United States. We work towards eliminating the barriers between international workers and future employers. Our Fellows benefit from the strong connections we have made with employers throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area and are placed in an internship that best suits their skill-sets and career interests. The invaluable experience and connections made by our Worldwide Worker Fellows during their internships provide them with a foundation upon which they can build a successful career. As with all our other programs, these fellows receive support throughout the entire training and undergo rigorous post-program planning so that they may meet our organization-wide goals and:

Cut the average job search time of 12 weeks in half and secure employment in less than six weeks

Receive a salary of at least $35,000 at their new place of employment

Create a network of professional contacts

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The application to the Worldwide Workers Program can be found here.